Ladyship stablished in 1983, Ladyship Corporation has been leading the food processing appliance industry for more than twenty years. With a conscientious dedication to make the world a better place, we continue to research new lines of appliances. In this day and age of technological advancement, we deem it important to develop superior and user-friendly organic food processors and to further improve the public standard of living. From its humble beginning, to conceiving the Organic Food Blender in 1999, Ladyship Corporation finally gained worldwide recognition and won the 2006 Pittsburgh International Invention Exhibition Gold Prize with the innovative Organic Food Essence Extractor. At Ladyship, we believe in ※Perfection is the Outcome of Refinement,§ and advocate ※ Natural and Simple Diet is the Gift of Mother Earth.§ In consequence, Ladyship Corporation regularly provides consumers with newest healthy diet information, in hopes of increasing health awareness and improving public lifestyle. It is our goal to provide the most comprehensive services and support, because we believe in lasting relationships with our customers.

The Heart of Business

Ladyship Corporation has received generous help and guidance from the public, since its founding moment. From ※conventional appliances,§ we have progressed to the more refined and more user-oriented ※computerized appliances.§

Perfection is the Outcome of Refinement.

Natural, Simple and Pure Diet are the Gift of Earth